Company Driver Pay Increase Announced

September 14th, 2020

M.C. Tank Transport (MC Tank) President Mike Anderson announced a driver pay increase effective September 27, 2020, for all company drivers.  The overall pay raise will amount to an average increase of approximately 5.5% for each company driver.   

Anderson stated: “Because of our drivers’ commitment to MC Tank, MC Tank is committed to our drivers to help provide for their financial security during these challenging times of economic uncertainty and the Covid 19 pandemic”.

Anderson further stated: “MC Tank is also devoted to attracting and retaining the best drivers in the industry and putting the money in the driver’s pocket is the best way we can express that commitment.  This is a significant increase and places MC Tank amongst the highest paying carriers in the nation”.

We will always continue to ask each driver to service our customers with professionalism and to be safe in everything they do.

MC Tank is a fourth-generation family owned trucking company serving the liquid bulk industry.  MC Tank’s core values are defined by Safety, Honor, Unity and Balance.