Customized Fleet Solutions

A Customized Fleet Solution advises you on ways to optimize your fleet operations and distributions through developing your unique transportation blueprint. That could involve: 

• Constructing customized equipment 
• Replacing existing private fleets 
• Building fleets from the ground up 
• Fleet acquisition 

Why A Customized Fleet Solution?

The decision to outsource distribution needs to a dedicated carrier is most often simply a reflection of the bottom line. Establishing an accurate cost analysis of the owning and operation of a private fleet is extremely difficult. Obvious expenses such as salaries and equipment combine with many less identifiable costs (i.e. workers comp, health insurance, training, regulatory compliance, shipment tracking, etc.) and the intricacies associated with transportation expenses to make budgeting very complex. Also, increased governmental safety standards along with environmental and liability issues propose a growing concern for companies needing transportation services. In addition to a general freedom to focus the company back on core business operations, the corporate decision to outsource a Customized Fleet Solution managed by M.C. Tank has numerous other practical benefits: 

• Simplified books by eliminating assets 
• Maximum control over transportation expenses 
• Most advanced technology and equipment without the investment 
• Continual route and equipment optimization 

The Customized Fleet Solution Process

Applying and adapting to your company’s ever changing distribution needs with the best possible solution. That is what a Customized Fleet Solution managed by M.C. Tank Transport, Inc. delivers! The process for developing a customized solution begins with the thorough collection and examination of current distribution information. After carefully analyzing your fleet and routes, both are optimized based on multiple scenarios for distribution. By comparing current performance to potential performance, the distribution strategy that will be of maximum benefit to your company can be determined. 

If you would like us to review your current fleet to learn ways a Customized Fleet Solution can work for your company, contact [email protected] for a confidential consultation.