March Driver of the Month Announced

May 6th, 2019

Congratulations to Grayling Davison for being chosen as the driver of the month for March 2019. Grayling is always on time or early and is always in uniform. He keeps his Peterbilt clean and aluminum polished. Grayling puts safety 1st and is very concerned about keeping his CSA score clean. He thoroughly inspects trailers when running system /OTR and will not drive it unless it’s safe or repaired first. He is always willing to help out, never complains, and is always a team player. He’s an experienced tank driver able to fix an occasional issue with trailers from a light to a pumpjack to get the customer their load. He communicates very well and notifies dispatch immediately if a problem should arise. We are very pleased to have Grayling as a member of Team Chicago!