5 Times Not to Use a Forklift

July 12th, 2018

By : Renee Cocchi


Forklifts can be great aids in getting work done. But the potential for injury or death is ever-present. Make sure your workers know they shouldn’t use a forklift if … 

  1. They haven’t been trained. First and foremost, training is essential. Workers can’t do “a quick job” or “just one thing” with a forklift without first having gone through all the necessary training and certification processes.
  2. It hasn’t been inspected. Regular inspections to make sure the lift is safe and in good working order are a must.
  3. The area isn’t clear. Make sure your path is unobstructed and pedestrians are aware the lift will be in operation and are able to get out of the way.
  4. The manual is missing. Operations manuals must remain on premises in the cab of the forklift at all times.
  5. Anything seems off. Workers may have the feeling something’s wrong, but not speak up. That’s unacceptable. Make sure they feel comfortable finding a Supervisor or other safety pro to ask for advice or questions before you let them take on this task.