The Right Footwear for the Job

August 24th, 2016

Quiz: The right footwear for the job

Published August 24, 2016  By David King (published by

Workers' feet are sometimes subject to a variety of hazards and injuries. So protection against these hazards is a must.

But do you know how to pick footwear that protects against hazards specific to the workplace?

See how well you know the requirements and best practices for footwear by answering True or False to the following statements:

  • OSHA only requires that footwear protect workers against falling objects.
  • High-cut boots are better than low-cut for support and preventing falls.
  • Add-on devices, such as strap-on toe guards, meet OSHA's standards for foot protection.
  • In general, footwear that's designed and rated for workplace use will be labeled as such.

Answers to the quiz

  • False. OSHA requires companies to ensure workers have protective footwear when they're exposed to falling or rolling objects, punctures or electrical hazards. However, this footwear doesn't take the place of other protective measures.
  • True. These shoes provide better ankle support.
  • False. While some add-on foot safety devices will be acceptable, that's not always the case. OSHA requires footwear meet or exceed certain industry groups' safety requirements, so before buying an add-on device, make sure it's been tested for effectiveness.
  • True. The shoes will have labels in prominent locations that identify the hazards they're designed to resist, such as crushing, puncture, electrical or chemical hazards.